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About the game

The rules are simple: the board consists of cells which designate the mouse movement. You need to click on cells to turn them 90 degrees clockwise, and let the mouse empty rows (eat a piece of cheese in each one) for the empty row to disappear. The row vanishes as the mouse leaves it. New rows keep falling down. As soon as they fill the board, the game is finished. That's all.

The game was written in Python3, and uses the Pygame platform.

See the gameplay on YouTube

To compete against other players, please click the menu (upper left) button, enter a player name and a password (up to 10 characters). Also see "Privacy" below.

When the game is finished, you'll see the top players' list. If you're logged in, your result is stored here. If you're not in top 10, you can see more results in the right block of this website.

System requirements


Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwitch) - API Level: 15.


Full HD screen resolution (1080p) or above recommended.


Arch Linux

Please install the one-more-cheese package from the AUR or read more.


Download the file. Unzip the folder anywhere, and enter it. Click on the game.exe file to launch the game.

Note: I've given up on creating a genuine Windows installer, due to problems related to antivirus software: several antiviruses kept reporting false positive virus detection, seing the Python code packed with the NSIS installer. I hope you will be able to install as described above. Or preferrebly decide to switch to Linux. ;)


(c) 2017-2018 Piotr Miller (nwg) - the game concept, code, music; edskeye - the game graphics. All rights reserved. The game concept, the code, graphics and music remain the property of their respective owners, as described above. By installing this software, you agree to respect the intellectual property rights of its authors.

The Google Play Terms of Service apply to the Android version.

This game in desktop version is free software and can be installed, played and distributed on any Linux or Windows system free of charge. The authors DO NOT agree to any paid form of further distribution.


This game was created as a sandbox to learn some Python. It utilizes the Pygame platform. I've started my Python adventure with the excelent manual by Dr. Paul V. Craven. Thank you very much!

During the game development, the following free software was used:


Windows package was created with:


This software does not collect any sensitive users' data. We store:

  • Player's name (plain text, up to 10 characters)
  • Player's password (up to 10 characters, encrypted with MD5)

While the game connects our cloud server, the following anonymous data are being stored:

  • IP addres
  • OS name (e.g. Linux, Windows, Android)
  • Date and time of connection

Collection of the data mentioned above helps us at the game further development. If you'd like to turn it off, however, enter the menu, click the About button, and uncheck the "Allow collecting anonymous stats" checkbox (Android version).

Attention: we DO NOT store any more data, as the players email and so on. It means you will be unable to recover your password, if lost.

config.ini file (desktop)

The platform the desktop version was written on does not store the window position. Default values center it in the full HD screen. In case you need to change them, please edit the config.file. You'll fint the file in the following location:

  • /home/user/.one-more-cheese/config.ini (Linux)
  • C:\Windows\Users\user_name\.one-more-cheese\config.ini (Windows)

In case you got lost in editing the file, just delete it, and restart the game. The file will be re-created with default values.