About the game

Eist returns is an arcade-puzzle game first written in 1992 for 8-bit Atari computers. In 2016 it was given the second life on Android devices. Now Eist returns once again as an open source project for desktop computers. Feel free to download, play, and contribute to the project on GitHub.

Carry Eist through 40 boards, placing arrows on his way to indicate directions. Descent from the path will make him fall down. You need to pick up all artifacts for the exit to open. Along the way you will encounter doors: you need a key to open each one. Use the ladder to cross gaps in the path. It can only be set in designated places. Touch the ladder to pick it up and set it where you need. On some boards you will also find a pair of teleports: they move Eist to each another. Remember: the movement direction stays the same.

Before you click the board and put Eist in movement, plan the game carefully. You will have no time to think later.

For instructions on how to play please check out Wiki pages. Or take a look at the YouTube video.

Download (Windows and Ubuntu/Debian Linux)

Arch Linux

Arch and Arch-based distributions: install the eist-returns package from the Arch User Repository (AUR).

Separate shortcuts will be created for the game and the level editor. If you'd like to start from the command line, type eist-returns for the game and eist-returns -E for the level editor.