Welcome to My Docs

While playing with Arch Linux, and especially with Openbox, I often need a script to perform some actions not included OOTB. Having to search the same answers again and again on each new machine, I thought it was worth documenting them somewhere for further use.

About me

I work for the PR department of a local government unit, and I'm not a professional programmer. However, I have several non-free projects in my portfolio.

Opensource projects on GitHub:

  • obud (Openbox HUD) - a Python script for handling laptop-specific keys and events in Openbox window manager | AUR
  • obbackup (Openbox Backup) - a simple graphical tool to backup/restore Openbox config files in few clicks (Arch Linux)
  • Eist Returns - an arcade-puzzle game written in JavaFX (Arch Linux / Windows) | AUR
  • Rambler GPX Editor - an Openstreetmap-based visual GPX editor (Android)
  • Words Watch Face - an Android Wear watch face which makes use of the what3words Global Addressing System API (Android)

More in AUR:


Most of the solutions presented here base either on the knowledge found on the web (Stack Overflow, GitHub, forums), or in surces of other projects, released under the terms of GNU GPL License. Feel free to use whatever you need under the same terms.