Tint2 Arch update notifier

If you didn't decide to install pamac, you may miss an icon to show you that updates are available. If so, you may add the executor to your Tint2 panel, to be notified with the Arch icon and notification as below:


Step 1:

Install trizen (or another AUR helper) if not yet installed. You'll also need libnotify and a notification server to see the updates list as a notification (optionally).

Step 2:

Create the hidden folder in your home directory: ~/.ob-arch-checker. Right click the icons (by edskeye) below and save them to the location you've just created.

icon icon

Step 3:

Save the script below as au.sh in the same location. If needed, replace trizen with your favorite AUR helper. Make the script executable.

upd=$(/bin/sh -c "/usr/bin/checkupdates && /usr/bin/trizen -Qqu -a")
if [ ! -z "$upd" ]
    echo ~/.ob-arch-checker/archlinux-icon-au-notify.svg
    notify-send "Pending updates:" "<i>$upd</i>" --icon="archlinux" --expire-time=5000
    echo ~/.ob-arch-checker/archlinux-icon-au.svg

Step 4:

Add the following executor to ~/.config/tint2/tint2rc (replace xfce4-terminal with your favorite terminal; replace trizen with your favorite AUR helper):

# Executor 2
execp = new
execp_command = ~/.ob-arch-checker/./au.sh
execp_interval = 1800
execp_has_icon = 1
execp_cache_icon = 0
execp_continuous = 0
execp_markup = 0
execp_tooltip = 
execp_lclick_command = xfce4-terminal -e 'sh -c "trizen -Syyu ; echo Done - press enter to exit; read; killall -SIGUSR1 tint2"'
execp_rclick_command = 
execp_mclick_command = 
execp_uwheel_command = 
execp_dwheel_command = 
execp_font_color = #f8e6e6 100
execp_padding = 0 0
execp_background_id = 0
execp_centered = 0
execp_icon_w = 26
execp_icon_h = 26

Step 5: